Strymon Big Sky Reverb Pedal

Strymon Big Sky Reverb Pedal

Used Strymon Big Sky Reverb Pedal in excellent condition complete with original box and power supply..


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We have been manufacturing modularized electronics for musicians and performers since 1995 under the "Renaissance Audio Designs" label. Our emphasis has been on classic vacuum tube-based components that reproduce the characteristic sounds of tubes in a professional grade package using advanced components.

In order to give recording professionals access to the "tube sound" in attractive, affordable, and utilitarian packaging, we began manufacturing professional recording products under the "Grove Audio" imprint including API compatible preamplifiers, compressors, equalizer modules and large diaphragm condensor microphones.

Since 2005, we have added modular electronic synthesizer modules in several popular formats and have been marketing these products worldwide to musicians, producers and audio engineering professionals.